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How to Fix Laptop Keyboard not Working Easy and Simply

One of the most annoying problems from having electronic device like laptop is when the laptop keyboard not working properly. Have you ever experience this before? Imagine that you are working an important project and suddenly your laptop does not give any response. You must be confused right? Any laptop brand can have this problem, for examples, HP, Acer, Samsung, Asus, TOSHIBA, Sony, Lenovo, Dell, and many more.

There are many issues related to this problem. A keyboard cannot be easily opened or repaired; most people give up whenever they encounter such problem. They often decide it to visit the service facility that is provided by the company. Before you repair your laptop keyboard, there are several things you need to check. By doing so, you can avoid any mistake in performing the reparation.

laptop keyboard not working

Three Important Parts that you must check if Your Laptop Keyboard not Working

There are four things that you need to check before you perform reparation. First, you need to check the cleanliness. You can turn and hold your laptop, and then shake it. To check, whether or not you have crumbs stuck in your laptop keyboard. Another way to clean your keyboard is by using cotton. You must clean it from dust or any left over. This may appear to be a simple matter; however, if you ignore it, your laptop will not last long. Second, check the connection. A bad connection will affect the performance of your laptop keyboard. Third, check the driver, usually people ignore to press the shut down command, and turn the laptop by pressing the power button. The infectivity of your key board can also be caused by this habit.

Three Steps to get your Keyboard back

You can perform these three steps to fix your laptop keyboard. These three steps can be done less than 10 minutes. The first step is to restart your laptop. Actually, this step can fix any problem that occurs in your laptop instantly. For that reason, try to restart your laptop and check the keyboard after you restart your laptop. The second step is restoring your laptop system. If your keyboard is not responding a system restore can be performed to solve keyboard problem. It is actually a perfect way, since this system has keyboard software. The third step is to check whether or not your drivers are up to date. If you have not upgraded your drivers, you can update it first before you finally reboot your laptop.

In many cases, good maintenance and service will help you to prevent any problem in your laptop. You must clean your laptop regularly, since it may also affect the performance of your laptop and its keyboard.  If for some reasons your laptop keyboard does not work even after you perform these steps, you better bring your laptop to the nearest service facility. Whenever your laptop keyboard not working properly you can try these steps, hopefully it will help.

How to Reset Laptop to Factory settings on Windows 8 or Windows 10

Are you looking for fresh installation for your laptop? Well, factory setting is needed especially when you want to refresh your laptop installation or if you find difficulties when repairing your own laptop. How to reset laptop to factory setting is should be known by those who want to restore their laptop in their own. Moreover, you can also clean all unused installed programs and keep those which are important. In addition, there are several ways to restore or reset your laptop into factory setting as well.

reset laptop to factory setting

When it comes to factory setting, you may expect that your laptop will function like new as long as nothing damage in the hardware. You will not have any access to old programs and files. Whilst, for all purposes and intents, the memory will be deleted, and the old information might be still be able to be accessed. Restoring your laptop into factory setting will make your laptop as it was when you bought it. You are going to have run setup, reconnect to some wireless networks as well as installing all programs which were previously on your laptop. For your information, a hard factory reset can actually restore the connection between the BIOS and the hardware and fix some laptop issues. We have gathered some tips to restore your laptop into factory setting. Take a look!

Steps to Reset Laptop to Factory Setting

If you want to reset your Windows 10 laptop to factory setting, first of all, click the “Start’ menu and then type ‘reset”. Go for “Reset this PC” afterward. It will guide you to Reset window where you will have some choices. If you meet issues you did not have on earlier version of Windows, you can actually go back to your old Operating System.  Consider reading the full guide of Expert Reviews along with the explanation. In case you want to stay on Windows 10 program, then you should click on “Get Started” under the “Reset this PC” button.

You are going to see a dialog which gives you 3 options. “Keep my Files” option will uninstall all programs on your laptop but will not touch other files like settings and documents. It will only uninstall programs you have downloaded from discs and internet. This is such a practical way to refresh your OC if it is not running well. “Remove Everything” option will remove all files on your laptop. It’s such the best way to freshen-up your laptop without getting back to the old OS. It will keep the programs which came with your laptop installed, hence you will not get a fully clean slate. “Restore factory settings” option means that you will lose all programs on your laptop including settings and files. However, the programs which came with your laptop will still remain.

Resetting laptop to the Factory Setting by using a system image

If you don’t lie resetting your Windows, it is recommended to create a backup of your system if it develops fault in the future. It will take a copy of your files, applications and settings at specific point. It’s such a practical way to get back to that point as well. click on “Start” menu and then type “backup”. After that, click on the “File History” and wait for fully load. Once it has fully loaded, click on “system image backup” and then click “Create a system image” button on the left. Choose a drive and then click ‘Next” and start your backup.

This how to reset laptop to factory setting is the easiest yet safest way to save important programs and files on your laptop.

How to Unlock Acer Laptop When You’re Forgetting It’s Password?

Nowadays with so many prying eyes, password for laptop login has been essential need. Good password is the one that hard to be guess and it is better if it consists of words and numbers. However the more difficult your password, it likely hard to be remembered too. Forgetting password and have to face locked laptop is so frustrating. So here is tutorial of how to unlock Acer laptop.

how to unlock acer laptop

For Windows XP

How to Unlock Acer Laptop with Bootable Windows CD

  1. Insert bootable Windows CD that are given when you purchased your Acer laptop.
  2. The screen will show “Press any keys to boot from CD”. Follow the instruction by pressing any keys in keyboard.
  3. Then in the screen will appear two options. Install fresh Windows or repair Windows
  4. Press “R” key to repair Windows. When process is completed, your laptop will automatically reboot. Then in the screen will appear the statement “installing devices”.
  5. Press “Shift” and “F10” keys at the same time and type “nusrmgr.cpl”
  6. Create new password to replace the old password and unlock your Acer laptop
  7. Exit the command prompt window.
  8. Reboot / Restart your laptop
  9. Use new password for login

For Windows 7

How to Unlock Acer Laptop with Windows Password Key

Windows password key is a program from Windows to reset any password inside your laptop. You can used CD/DVD or USB flash drive as your bootable Windows. All you have to do are:

  1. Browse in other PC for Windows Password Key then install it to that PC.
  2. Insert blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive with minimum capacity 2 GB. Open Windows password keys and burn ISO image to CD or flash drive.
  3. Insert the disks to your locked Acer laptop and turn it on. Press “F2” or “Delete” keys so you enter BIOS setup and your laptop can boot from the disks.
  4. Press “F10” key to save the change.
  5. Reboot your Acer laptop. Then you will see windows password key start to work
  6. Follow any instructions so the program can reset your password.

For Windows 8

How to Unlock Acer Laptop with Windows 8 Recovery Disk

These steps are only for you who already made recovery disk

  1. Insert recovery disk to your Acer laptop and turn on your laptop.
  2. The screen will show “Troubleshoot” menu. Choose “Advance Options”.
  3. Click “Command prompt” option.
  4. Type “diskpart” command then Enter.
  5. Type “list vol” command then Enter. It will list all your hard drive partition. Choose partition where your Windows 8 is installed. Usually in C:
  6. Type “exit” command. Then type these command one by one
  • C
  • cd windows
  • cd system 32
  • ren Utilman.exe to Utilman.exe bak
  • copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe

( Replace C with wherever your Windows 8 is installed.)

  1. Remove recovery disk and reboot your laptop
  2. When your laptop already started to login screen, click “ease of access” button at the bottom left corner.
  3. Type “net user” command then Enter. It will list all users at your Acer laptop. Choose user that you want to enter and change its password.
  4. Type “net user username newpassword” to reset old password. For example you want to reset Acer user’s password with 123456 then you type “net user acer 123456” command.
  5. Type “exit” command then you will bring back to login screen. Type new password for login.
  6. Once you can login Windows 8, change “utilman.exe bak” back to “utilman.exe”.

These are several steps of how to unlock Acer laptop. Hope this article can help you unlocking your Acer laptop. Good luck!

Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Here’s the Simple Steps to Fix Them

Laptop keyboard not working will be the most annoying problem for you. It will really take your time to work with. For your information, actually this problem can be fixed by yourself. There are some steps you can try at home. Then, there are a lot of professionals who fix Dell laptop keyboard not working by replacing the entire parts of keyboard. They only need some minutes to know and identify what’s going on with their keyboards.

Besides that, if you still have Dell warranty, you can bring it to the customer support of Dell. So, they can help you to fix it free. Then, how to fix Dell keyboard problem at home? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about them. Let’s check reading below and find your best reference here.

dell laptop keyboard not working

Fixing Dell laptop keyboard not working- Steps part 1

One of the common problems with Dell keyboard is the loose key. How to fix it? First of all, you can turn off your laptop. Then, you have to unplug it well. For your information, repairing the keyboard of laptop is not harmful for you. But, it will be better idea for you to take such precautions before repairing it at home.

This is the second way you can use to repair the loose key. You can continue repairing by removing the key cap of your laptop. Most the loose keys can be removed easily. You only need to wig them gently in order to unhook the keyboard. Or, you can repair it by levering the key cap on the corner side by using the screwdriver with flat head.

dell remove key cap

The third way for you to fix the loose key is by checking the attachment point on it. All the key caps have the base part. There will be four attachments you can find on this part. You can find them on the keyboard below where the key clips are. You can check them closely for finding the broken attachment. After that, you can continue checking them until everything well done. If you cannot find them, you can take screwdriver by levering out their corner side. Then, you can compare them each other.

Fixing Dell laptop keyboard not working- Steps part 2

Now, you will continue repairing by replacing the broken key cap. Sometimes, there are some attachments points broken on your keyboard. How to fix it? Of course, you will need the new key. How to get it? Well, you can purchase them online. Then, you have to make sure that they can match your laptop type or model. Then, you have to also match their location.

dell laptop keyboard replacement

How to replace the new key? You can hook one the key attachment point. Then, you can easily rub your finger on the key. You can do it until two loud snaps appeared. Meanwhile for finding the alternative step, you can remove the same size of key. Then, you can place them on the right position. Finally, those are all some steps to fix Dell laptop keyboard not working.

How to Solve Laptop Plugged in Not Charging in Easy Ways

Have you found the text “laptop plugged in not charging” in your laptop? How do you feel when finding it? Some people might be so panic and think that their laptop was damage. They also went to service center to get repair. But if the condition happens to you, please don’t be panic anymore. Sometime you just need to calm and then search for many tips to solve this problem. Here the information for you about how to solve laptop plugged in not charging.

laptop plugged in not charging

Why Laptop Can’t be Charged?

There are some causes that make a laptop can’t be charged. Before you know the tips to solve laptop plugged in not charging, you are better to know the causes of it to know the right tips to solve the problem. These are some causes that make laptop can’t be charged:

  • Overcharging. It happens when you charge your laptop continually when the battery in full mode.
  • Charging the laptop when there are remain battery. It makes the charger work hard. For example, when you charge the laptop in 50 % battery, it means that you charge it from 1%. Sometime the condition makes the charger or system of your laptop become damage.
  • Using a laptop during charging. It makes there are 2 energy being used and make your laptop release the heat. When the heat released continually, it makes the system of your laptop damage or disrupted.

Steps to Solve Laptop Plugged in not Charging

After knowing the causes of this problem, you can avoid the causes above in the future. Then, if you experience the problem now, you can follow the tips below:

  • The simple method is restarting your laptop. Shut down your laptop, and open the adapter and the battery. Set it again to the first setting, and try to use adapter. Check whether your laptop can be charged or not.
  • The second step you can do is checking the battery of your laptop. You can open it to know whether there are dirt on it. If you found it, you can clean it and set the battery in the right position. You should also remember when you get the laptop. If you get it long time ago, your battery may be lower than the first time you get it. So, you can buy the new one.
  • The third step you can do is checking the adaptor. You should use the adaptor that comes from the same company where your laptop produced. You should also check whether there is a damage of the adaptor or not. If you found the damage, you can buy the new one to make your laptop can be charged again.

microsoft acpi compliant control method batter

  • The last step you can do is reinstalling your driver. Open Device Manager, click “Batteries” tab. Search for battery entry, and then enter “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery”. Uninstall your driver, right click and press uninstall. Check the changes of it. Open the action tab and press “Scan for hardware changes”. Reinstall your driver, and then the process will detect battery automatically and reinstall the driver.

Those are some information for you about solving laptop plugged in not charging. You can follow the tips above to solve your problem. By following the tips above, you can solve the laptop plugged in not charging and then enjoy your time when using your laptop.

How to Reset Acer Laptop and Back to The Factory Settings

Most people do not know how to reset Acer laptop whenever their laptop is unable to power on. You probably try to reset your Acer laptop to the factory setting. Each laptop may have different features, especially Acer. Many people try to reset their Acer laptop without using recovery disk. Sometimes, they even use combination of keys and ALT. These two ways are rarely worked and you may also lose your data. There are several ways that you can perform to reset your Acer computer, especially if you have power problem or you want to reset you laptop back to its factory setting. These two reset can actually help you to repair your laptop. Therefore, pay attention carefully to each Acer Laptop reset.

reset acer laptop

Step by Step to Reset Acer Laptop due to Power Issue

If your Acer laptop is unable to turn on, there are eight simple steps that you can do to reset your laptop.

The first thing you need to do is to unplug the AC adapter from your laptop. Then you can turn your laptop and take away the battery. Pay attention, Acer laptop has two tabs that are keeping the battery in place. The first tab is the lock tab; meanwhile, the second tab is the release tab.

After you perform the first few steps above, you may start to open your laptop and hold the power button for about 30-58 seconds. You can release the power button and put the battery back. Do not forget to check the lock tab. Plug in the AC adapter and turn on your laptop. You can perform these stapes whenever you have power issue. However, you might want to visit Acer repair facility if you cannot solve the problem.

Step by Step to reset my Acer Laptop to its Factory Setting

Acer laptop has its own specific feature. The feature is known to be the hidden partition where it saves all the software and back up data. Due to its specification, this type of Acer has its own way to reset its program to the factory setting. There are around three steps that you can do to reset Acer to its factory setting.

First, you must click start and go to all programs. There you can find Acer empowering technology, find Acer eRecovery management and click it. This program may erase all of your data, so it is better for you to back up all important data that you have kept. The second step, you must click the restore button and then select restore system to factory default. Your laptop will immediately in the recovery utility stage. For the last step you can simply click yes.

Generally, there are two different ways to reset your computer. One is when you have the power problem; meanwhile, the other one is to reset your laptop to its factory setting. Hopefully, this basic information of how to reset an Acer laptop will be helpful for those who own Acer laptop, good luck.

What Should I Do if My Acer Laptop Does Not Power On?

Have you ever been so confused or upset because your Acer laptop does not power on even when the battery is fully working and charging? Perhaps you suspect the motherboard or the socket. You may as well think that your laptop has gotten a virus. Most people also have problem after they let and left their laptop stand by for quite a long time. But really, how do we fix this problem? Can we get any repair service from Acer Company? There are several steps that you must do when your laptop suddenly does not power on. You may as well do these steps before you contact Acer repair service.

acer laptop does not power on

Four Simple Tasks to Check if Your Acer Laptop Does Not Power On

For anyone who gets this problem, you must not be rush and take it to the computer repair center. Usually, they will offer you to change the motherboard that means you must spend an amount of money. Before we come to the solutions, there are several factors that you must pay attention and check. First, check the power cord or the AC adapter. You have to make sure that the connection is firm and fit perfectly. Second, you can try to use different electrical outlet and third, check the power supply setting, in this case the voltage. You can use these three simple ways to make sure that the problem occurs in your laptop. Fourth, disconnect all items such as USB or DVD.

Five Steps to Get Your Laptop Back on

The first solution is to remove the battery. The second step tries to check and reset the internal electricity; check the power switch and the plugging. The third step, you can start removing the RAM sticks, graphics card, CPU, and fan.

The fourth step is getting your laptop cleaned; wipe all the dust in it. Sometime we ignore this, but it may actually make our laptop work even better. The last step, after you take out all the equipments from your laptop, put everything back. At this point, you can start pressing the power button for about 30 seconds. You may as well try to run your laptop without using the battery, just the main power.

Many people have tried these steps before; however, if after you do all these steps your laptop remains power off, perhaps you can try to contact Acer service center.

How do I get service to Repair my Acer Laptop from Acer?

Find out about the nearest Acer Repair Facility in your town. You may repair your laptop at the local technician in your town; however, it is more advisable for you to bring your laptop to Acer Repair Facility, especially if your laptop is under limited warranty.

Overall, if your Acer laptop does not power on, make sure that it is not from the electrical outlets or from the battery and charger. You might as well check the power setting in your laptop. Remember not to get panic when your Acer laptop won’t turn on, you can simply try to clean your laptop thoroughly and regularly.

How to Connect Laptop to Monitor Using Simple Method

Most types of laptop can connect to the secondary display and enable all things displayed on the laptop’s screen to be displayed on an external display, such as CRT monitor, projector, flat panel display, TV, etc. The way of how to connect laptop to monitor is quite simple; you only need to connect the secondary display screen to the external video connection of the laptop. It is commonly positioned on the back or side of the laptop. After it is connected, the new external display will be switched automatically. Otherwise, you may see a message box that ask you to press some keys for the external display switching.

How to connect laptop to monitor

How to Connect Laptop to Monitor by Pressing Certain Keys

There are some different keys that are functional to switch the external display. However, the key is commonly one of the keys combinations of: Fn + F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9 or F10. By pressing Fn key together with one of the F keys will switch the external display. Every laptop may have different position of which F key for external display switching. The right F key is commonly marked by a monitor picture or labeled with CRT/ LCD. If you cannot find any F key that works for the switching, you might need to read the laptop’s manual or consult the laptop manufacturer to find some best ideas.

How to Connect Laptop to Monitor for Laptop with Mac OS

In a laptop with Mac OS X 10.8 or newer, you may find some difficulties to make work the external display. If so, access the menu of System Preferences and then select Displays. Next, press the Option key and hold it. Find the Detect Displays in the bottom right corner of the window and then click it. It will make Mac OS searching the available external displays on the laptop.

Certain types of laptops could work with double output functions; in the laptop and external display. This feature in the laptop could tie among two modes when you press the appropriate function key.

More Tips on How to Connect Laptop to Monitor

For those who have newer laptops, the way of how to connect laptop to monitor will be much easier. You can use the built-in DVI or HDMI connectors. See whether the external display support the connectors you have on the laptop. If the external display only has DVI connection, whilst you only have VGA connector, then you should install the video converter that will convert the VGA to DVI.

Some external display also comes with DisplayPort connection; you can connect it to your newer laptop if it has the port and the cable. On the other hand, if HDMI, VGA or DVI connections are had by the external display, then you should have the adapter cable of DisplayPort so that you can connect the external display to your laptop with the DisplayPort connector.

Those are the simple ways to connect laptop to the monitor so you can have secondary screen to display what you have on the laptop’s screen.

Razer Blade Stealth

Razer Blade Stealth is a compact ultraportable made for general use. The Razer Blade Stealth is a beautiful machine with a gorgeous display, powerful processor and incredible potential but middling battery life and the absence of its companion GPU dock leave it feeling incomplete. If you looking for Razer Blade Stealth driver, you can download at the bottom page here.

razer blade stealth driver

Razer Blade Stealth Key Specs and Feature

Razer Blade Stealth come with a 12.5” QHD screen, which specifically packs a maximum resolution of 2560×1440 px. It’s a Sharp IGZO panel.

The device powered by Intel Core i7-6500U/Intel HD Graphics 520, 8GB of LPDDR3 1866MHz dual channel RAM, up to 512GB of PCIe solid state storage, 45Wh Lithium-ion polymer battery.

  • Screen 12.5 inch, 2560×1440 resolution, 10-finger multi-touch, IGZO(4k optional)
  • Processor Intel Skylake Core i7-6500U CPU, dual-core 2.5 GHz(3.1Ghz boost)
  • Video Integrated Intel HD Graphics 520
  • Memory 8 GB LPDDR3 1866Mhz
  • Storage 128GB M.2 PCIe (Samsung PM951)
  • Connectivity Wireless AC, Intel Bluetooth 4.1
  • Ports 2x USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 3(USB Type-C), HDMI 1.4b, mic/earphone combo
  • Battery 45 Wh
  • Operating system Windows 10
  • Size 321 mm or 12.6” (w) x 206 mm or 8.1” (d) x 13.1 mm or .52” (h)
  • Weight 1.25 kg or 2.75 lb
  • Extras RGB-Chroma backlit keyboard, 2MP webcam, TPM 2.0

Download Razer Blade Stealth Driver

To download Razer Blade Stealth driver, please find the category you want to download and click the download link.

Laptop Touchpad Not Working, What’s the Solution?

Laptop touchpad not working is one of the most common problems faced by many users in all over the world. It must be annoying since most users prefer to use touchpad to operate the mouse functions. Those who commonly use the touchpad to make kinds of works in the laptop must get difficulties or feel a little awkward when they should use a manual mouse. As the consequence, the work will be much slower because you need more time in operating the mouse manually.

laptop touchpad not working

How to Fix When Laptop Touchpad Not Working

When you have a problem in operating the laptop’s touchpad, especially when it isn’t working at all, it is important to know the factors that cause the problem. Different factors may become the reasons for the irresponsible, freezing or not working touchpad. Knowing the problems will be better for you to find the best solutions. There are some common factors that cause not working touchpad, find to know each of them below so you can fix the problem by yourself.

  • Touchpad not Working for It’s Disabled

The first factor that may make your touchpad isn’t working is it is disabled. The best way to fix this problem is make the touchpad able to work again. Enable the touchpad again by pressing some keys on the laptop’s keyboard. The keys that should be pressed to enable the touchpad again are Fn and F9.

  • External Component Failure that Cause Touchpad not Working

This is another factor that may also cause the touchpad isn’t working properly or even totally freezing. All you need to fix this problem is disconnecting the external devices in your laptop such as extension keyboard, USB devices, printer, etc. After all of the external devices are removed, try to operate the touchpad again. If it works, it means that one of the external components experiencing failures. You can verify the error when the machine has been rebooted.

  • Check the Touchpad Error when Touchpad not Working

Laptop touchpad not working may also be caused by the error happened in the touchpad itself. Try fixing the error by connecting your external mouse; make sure that it is verified to work appropriately. And then check whether the error happens or not. In the Mouse Properties, you also should check the setting for the touchpad. It may be disabled coincidentally, so you should enable it as well.

  • The Mouse Program Error that Causes Touchpad not Working

When the solutions above don’t work properly to fix the not working touchpad, then the error in the mouse programing may be another factor. You can try to fix it by removing the mouse program from the Device Manager of the laptop. Click Control Panel in the laptop’s Setting and then find the Device Manager. Find the mouse program and then remove it. To reinstall the program, use a latest driver for the mouse and then start the installation. The new mouse program will solve the problems caused by the program’s error or failure that might cause the laptop touchpad not working or freezing.