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Dell Latitude 5424

If you are looking for Dell Latitude 5424 driver, you’ve came to the right place. Dell Latitude 5424 is claimed to boost productivity and best used for small businesses. But, what really makes it perfect for business needs. Find the answers to the following product review.

Key Specs of Dell Latitude 5424

Dell Latitude 5424 is a semi-rugged notebook with longer life cycles and steady improvement if compared to its predecessor. With a small design and lightweight, this is easy to transport the notebook. Latitude 5424 also comes with dual batteries, making the notebook can be used for 14 hours non-stop.

The quad-core processors of the device offer better performance than its previous series. All CPUs available in this Latitude 5424 are ultra-low voltage versions of TDPs. They are only 15 watts and all of them are integrated with Intel Graphics. The specs also come with storage solid-state disk options of PCIe NVMe that are much faster if compared to SATA-based SSDs.

Dell Latitude 5424 driver

Key Features of Dell Latitude 5424

Dell Latitude 5424 is loaded with many interesting features. With a 14-inch display and full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels of standard resolution, the device offers a high level of brightness and visibility. The laptop also offers excellent connectivity and expandability for users.

Additionally, there are many ports with protective covers you can find in the product. The ports are securely snapped into their position and can be easily replaced whenever it is necessary. Latitude 5424 has dimensions of 13.66 x 9.65 x 1.73 inches and 5.5 lbs of weight. Powered by a 3-cell 51 Whr Li-Ion battery, the notebook is also completed with an FHD video front camera.

Typing on the notebook is also convenient, thanks to the keyboard backlit offered. Meanwhile, the security features of Latitude 5424 include a fingerprint reader, cable lock slot, TPM 2.0 chip for password security, a Contactless SmartCard reader, Dell Backup & Recovery, ControlVault advanced authentication, and more.

Download Dell Latitude 5424 Driver

To download Dell Latitude 5424 driver, please find the download link from the official website below.

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