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Dell XPS 11 9P33

The XPS 11 9P33 is an alternative device offered by Dell for anyone who cannot decide whether to get a tablet or a laptop. If you are looking for Dell XPS 11 9P33 driver, here is. It is often called as a convertible with its feature to be converted in 4 different ways upon using it. This model is the newer version of the Dell XPS 12.

Key Specs and Feature

Dell XPS 11 9P33 is a decent convertible with acceptable overall performance. Well, performance is not the main thing offered by Dell in this product. Mobility is its strong suit with Dell considered it as the lightest, slimmest, and most compact ultrabook.

The performance department is powered by Intel Core i5-4210Y and 4 GB of DDR3L-RS-1600 dual-channel RAM. The entry-level variant of XPS 11 comes only with 12b GB SSD in its asking price of $1218. There is also the slightly upgraded variant with 256 GB of SSD in its price of $1353.

Dell XPS 11 9P33 driver

One of the strengths of XPS 11 is the display department. It incorporates an 11.6-inch WQHD display with Sharp’s IGZO technology. The screen resolution is at 2560×1440 that leads to the pixel density of 253 ppi. That spec is a powerful one in its class. The screen is a capacitive touchscreen that supports up to 10 touches at the same time. That display output is backed up by Intel HD Graphics 4200 with 200 – 850 MHz Core and 800 MHz Memory.

Being a mobile device, Dell XPS 11 9P33 has its battery power to last for about 8 hours and 58 minutes. That will guarantee the comfortable use of a wide array of features within. The combination of carbon and aluminum makes it look good and highly comfortable to hold. The 4 modes to use it include tablet mode, laptop mode, tent mode, and tablet stand mode for different preferences of use.

Download Dell XPS 11 9P33 Driver

To download Dell XPS 11 9P33 driver, please find the download link from the official website below.

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