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How to Connect Laptop to Monitor Using Simple Method

Most types of laptop can connect to the secondary display and enable all things displayed on the laptop’s screen to be displayed on an external display, such as CRT monitor, projector, flat panel display, TV, etc. The way of how to connect laptop to monitor is quite simple; you only need to connect the secondary display screen to the external video connection of the laptop. It is commonly positioned on the back or side of the laptop. After it is connected, the new external display will be switched automatically. Otherwise, you may see a message box that ask you to press some keys for the external display switching.

How to connect laptop to monitor

How to Connect Laptop to Monitor by Pressing Certain Keys

There are some different keys that are functional to switch the external display. However, the key is commonly one of the keys combinations of: Fn + F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9 or F10. By pressing Fn key together with one of the F keys will switch the external display. Every laptop may have different position of which F key for external display switching. The right F key is commonly marked by a monitor picture or labeled with CRT/ LCD. If you cannot find any F key that works for the switching, you might need to read the laptop’s manual or consult the laptop manufacturer to find some best ideas.

How to Connect Laptop to Monitor for Laptop with Mac OS

In a laptop with Mac OS X 10.8 or newer, you may find some difficulties to make work the external display. If so, access the menu of System Preferences and then select Displays. Next, press the Option key and hold it. Find the Detect Displays in the bottom right corner of the window and then click it. It will make Mac OS searching the available external displays on the laptop.

Certain types of laptops could work with double output functions; in the laptop and external display. This feature in the laptop could tie among two modes when you press the appropriate function key.

More Tips on How to Connect Laptop to Monitor

For those who have newer laptops, the way of how to connect laptop to monitor will be much easier. You can use the built-in DVI or HDMI connectors. See whether the external display support the connectors you have on the laptop. If the external display only has DVI connection, whilst you only have VGA connector, then you should install the video converter that will convert the VGA to DVI.

Some external display also comes with DisplayPort connection; you can connect it to your newer laptop if it has the port and the cable. On the other hand, if HDMI, VGA or DVI connections are had by the external display, then you should have the adapter cable of DisplayPort so that you can connect the external display to your laptop with the DisplayPort connector.

Those are the simple ways to connect laptop to the monitor so you can have secondary screen to display what you have on the laptop’s screen.