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My Laptop is Slow, How to Make It Faster? Here the Solutions

It is always frustrated when I find my laptop is slow. You must feel the same; you should wait for a long time to do even a very simple work with your laptop or PC. If you get the same problem, some solutions I know below may be also great for your laptop fixing.

my laptop is slow

Simple Steps to Fix When My Laptop is Slow

  • Uninstall Every Unused Program

Most new laptops and PCs come with kinds of programs, but you never use some of them. Even you don’t know whether they are in your laptop. Some background process might be done by the programs when you load the laptop; it might happen although you don’t use the program. Remove the unused programs by finding the Features page on Control Panel. You will find the list of software installed in your laptop. Uninstall every software that is useless for you. However, you should be careful so you will not crash the crucial programs for the hardware. You don’t have to worry to be accidently erase the important program because they are commonly named as Microsoft’s built-in programs.

  • Using Automatic Temporary Files Delete

Temporary files accumulate in your laptop through daily tasks and it will make full the hard disk and then slowing down the laptop. Make your laptop runs faster by getting rid of the files. To delete the temporary files, go to the C: drive, select the Windows folder, and then open a folder with ‘Temp’ title. ‘Right click’ the folder, get the View option and then click Details. You will see all of the files; just delete all old files that are not important anymore by pressing the delete key. Clean the files from your Recycle Bin too.

  • Installing a Solid State Drive

Slow laptop and PC is commonly caused by the hard drive, especially when the laptop is starting up. By installing a solid state drive, you will see a very quick read times so the laptop will start up quickly. However, this hard drive might be quite expensive. Otherwise, you can change your hard drive with the one with bigger storage. It will be effective to faster your laptop.

  • Upgrade the RAM Capacity

Slowing down laptop could also be caused by low capacity of RAM. You might have many programs in large capacities but you don’t upgrade the RAM capacity as the temporary storage memory in your laptop. The indicator of this case can be clearly seen as my laptop is slow when it is loading large programs or when it does different actions in one time. So, consider to upgrade your RAM so the laptop will have more memory to load all programs needed.

  • Disk Clean Up

Disk Cleanup is a built-in disk of Windows that is functional as decluttering tool. It will search unimportant large files in the system like program installers, temporary internet files, etc. Open the tool by clicking the All Programs, select the Accessories, and then System Tools. You will find Disk Cleanup tool in the list.