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Laptop Touchpad Not Working, What’s the Solution?

Laptop touchpad not working is one of the most common problems faced by many users in all over the world. It must be annoying since most users prefer to use touchpad to operate the mouse functions. Those who commonly use the touchpad to make kinds of works in the laptop must get difficulties or feel a little awkward when they should use a manual mouse. As the consequence, the work will be much slower because you need more time in operating the mouse manually.

laptop touchpad not working

How to Fix When Laptop Touchpad Not Working

When you have a problem in operating the laptop’s touchpad, especially when it isn’t working at all, it is important to know the factors that cause the problem. Different factors may become the reasons for the irresponsible, freezing or not working touchpad. Knowing the problems will be better for you to find the best solutions. There are some common factors that cause not working touchpad, find to know each of them below so you can fix the problem by yourself.

  • Touchpad not Working for It’s Disabled

The first factor that may make your touchpad isn’t working is it is disabled. The best way to fix this problem is make the touchpad able to work again. Enable the touchpad again by pressing some keys on the laptop’s keyboard. The keys that should be pressed to enable the touchpad again are Fn and F9.

  • External Component Failure that Cause Touchpad not Working

This is another factor that may also cause the touchpad isn’t working properly or even totally freezing. All you need to fix this problem is disconnecting the external devices in your laptop such as extension keyboard, USB devices, printer, etc. After all of the external devices are removed, try to operate the touchpad again. If it works, it means that one of the external components experiencing failures. You can verify the error when the machine has been rebooted.

  • Check the Touchpad Error when Touchpad not Working

Laptop touchpad not working may also be caused by the error happened in the touchpad itself. Try fixing the error by connecting your external mouse; make sure that it is verified to work appropriately. And then check whether the error happens or not. In the Mouse Properties, you also should check the setting for the touchpad. It may be disabled coincidentally, so you should enable it as well.

  • The Mouse Program Error that Causes Touchpad not Working

When the solutions above don’t work properly to fix the not working touchpad, then the error in the mouse programing may be another factor. You can try to fix it by removing the mouse program from the Device Manager of the laptop. Click Control Panel in the laptop’s Setting and then find the Device Manager. Find the mouse program and then remove it. To reinstall the program, use a latest driver for the mouse and then start the installation. The new mouse program will solve the problems caused by the program’s error or failure that might cause the laptop touchpad not working or freezing.