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My Laptop Won’t Turn On, What to Do?

So your laptop won’t turn on? This is really frustrating especially when everything important from personal files to work stuffs is there. Don’t panic. It can happen sometimes, and it doesn’t always mean that your laptop is broken. Most of the time, this is a system problem, and it can be fixed using one of the following tricks.

laptop won't turn on

Simple Steps To Solve When Laptop Won’t Turn On

  • Rest the System

This can sound silly a little bit, but it is proven to be working. Many laptops get technical or system problems due to the work load. What you need to do is letting your laptop for a rest. The best rest should be over night at least. Unplug the charger when the battery seems to be okay, not empty, and don’t use it for a night. When it is time, you can try to plug in the charger and see if the light indicator lights up. If it does, you should know your laptop is ready to turn on. Most of the times, it should fix your problem.

  • Try Bare Bone Start

Bare bone start is also a common solution. Bare bone start up is a solution in which you are going to start your laptop without any additional components. If you have unnecessary components on your laptop, you should consider disconnecting them all. Sometimes, it is also necessary to disconnect your keyboard and screen too. The startup should be tried in two different manners. The first trail may not work. However, it doesn’t matter if it works or not. You need to try the two methods one by one. Here are the methods.

First, you should disconnect the entire unnecessary components and try to start the laptop with the battery attached. Press the power button and try to start the laptop. Sometimes, you will not get the laptop on. Anyway, you should proceed on the second step. This time, you should try to turn on the laptop without the battery attached but the charger. The two methods should tell you if it is your battery or other component, like the charger or the system inside, that causes the trouble. If it is the battery, you only need to replace it with the new one.

  • No Battery Pressing

This solution is not yet popular but many users already tried this, and it worked just well. It is pretty simple. First, you need to remove power chord from the laptop. You also need to remove the battery so your laptop doesn’t have any power source. When you are ready, press the power button, and please hold it out for 30 seconds precisely. Second, put back the battery on your laptop and connect your laptop with the power chord. When the indicator light is on, your laptop is ready. Turn it on.

Those tips are already applied by several people and it may be work for your as well. If you use your laptop a lot in a day, there is a chance that you can fix it using one of those tricks. If they don’t work, you should consider replacing the power button. Or else, seeing your technician should be good final solution when your laptop won’t turn on.