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How to Reset Acer Laptop and Back to The Factory Settings

Most people do not know how to reset Acer laptop whenever their laptop is unable to power on. You probably try to reset your Acer laptop to the factory setting. Each laptop may have different features, especially Acer. Many people try to reset their Acer laptop without using recovery disk. Sometimes, they even use combination of keys and ALT. These two ways are rarely worked and you may also lose your data. There are several ways that you can perform to reset your Acer computer, especially if you have power problem or you want to reset you laptop back to its factory setting. These two reset can actually help you to repair your laptop. Therefore, pay attention carefully to each Acer Laptop reset.

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Step by Step to Reset Acer Laptop due to Power Issue

If your Acer laptop is unable to turn on, there are eight simple steps that you can do to reset your laptop.

The first thing you need to do is to unplug the AC adapter from your laptop. Then you can turn your laptop and take away the battery. Pay attention, Acer laptop has two tabs that are keeping the battery in place. The first tab is the lock tab; meanwhile, the second tab is the release tab.

After you perform the first few steps above, you may start to open your laptop and hold the power button for about 30-58 seconds. You can release the power button and put the battery back. Do not forget to check the lock tab. Plug in the AC adapter and turn on your laptop. You can perform these stapes whenever you have power issue. However, you might want to visit Acer repair facility if you cannot solve the problem.

Step by Step to reset my Acer Laptop to its Factory Setting

Acer laptop has its own specific feature. The feature is known to be the hidden partition where it saves all the software and back up data. Due to its specification, this type of Acer has its own way to reset its program to the factory setting. There are around three steps that you can do to reset Acer to its factory setting.

First, you must click start and go to all programs. There you can find Acer empowering technology, find Acer eRecovery management and click it. This program may erase all of your data, so it is better for you to back up all important data that you have kept. The second step, you must click the restore button and then select restore system to factory default. Your laptop will immediately in the recovery utility stage. For the last step you can simply click yes.

Generally, there are two different ways to reset your computer. One is when you have the power problem; meanwhile, the other one is to reset your laptop to its factory setting. Hopefully, this basic information of how to reset an Acer laptop will be helpful for those who own Acer laptop, good luck.