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Dell XPS 12 9250

A convertible is much more appealing for some people. Dell XPS 12 9250 is one of the highly appealing laptops from Dell that is built for business. If you are looking for Dell XPS 12 9250 driver, here is. More importantly, it is packed with a lot of great features to boost its appeal that includes a 4K display like no other products around.

Key Specs and Feature

Dell XPS 12 9250 offers the ultimate versatility that it can be used either as a full laptop mode or a full-screen tablet. The connection between the screen and the rest of the body is using magnets that are so strong but remain very easy to detach with just one hand. The total weight of the laptop itself is very light at just 1.27Kg with the screen attached to the base with the full keyboard. The full-screen display is 12.5-inch to ensure maximum productivity even in its tablet mode without the keyboard base.

The performance aspect of Dell XPS 12 9250 is powered by a 6th Generation Intel m5-6Y54 with 4M Cache and up to 2.7 GHz of clock speed. Seamless navigation is guaranteed with the addition of an 8GB Dual Channel LPDDR3 DRAM at 1600 MHz of clock speed. The use of either 128GB or 256GB SSD will provide even smoother access to files and contents stored in it.

Dell XPS 12 9250 driver

The display part of Dell XPS 12 9250 is a perfect combination of a decent screen and video card. The screen is a 12.5-inch in size with the options of either a 4K UHD 352 ppi touch display with 100% color gamut or an FHD 176 ppi touch display with 72% color gamut. The capacitive touch display of this laptop supports 10-touch for easier operation. Meanwhile, Intel HD Graphics 515 is the engine that delivers the graphical output into that awesome screen for the best experience in using it accordingly.

Download Dell XPS 12 9250 Driver

To download Dell XPS 12 9250 driver, please find the category you want to download and click the download link. Anyway in case the detail driver is not available for windows 10, you can go to the official website below.