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Dell G3 3779

Dell G3 3779 can be chosen for the best gaming laptop because it offers some best specs and features that fulfill the demand of all gamers. If you are looking for Dell G3 15 3500 driver, here is. Before you buy this laptop, you should check specs and features so you will be able to decide whether you will buy this laptop or not.

Specs of Dell G3 3779

Dell G3 3779 is made with the 8th generation of Intel Core i7 -8750H processor with a 6-core 9MB cache. It is made with 17.3-inch of FHD IPS anti-glare and LED-backlit display to give excellent display quality for all gamers. This laptop is supported with Windows 10 Home. For you who like to download and play more games, you can find bigger storage space but there is no ODD supported in this laptop.

Dell G3 3779 driver

Features of Dell G3 3779

Why must you buy this laptop? This laptop is called the best gaming laptop that is made with the best keyboard. There is an IPS screen with 87% of sRGB coverage and there is a fingerprint scanner that is attached to this laptop. The most important thing that makes this laptop is chosen as the best laptop is because the price of this gaming laptop is affordable.

This laptop is supported by Ge-Force GTX 1050 with 4GB and GDDR5-VRAM. Unfortunately, there are some cons of this product that you should consider before you buy this product such as the bland design, high internal temperature, no option for G-sync, the battery is weak, and lack of Thunderbolt 3.

Battery life becomes the main problem for this laptop and it gives problems for you who like to play games. You need a gaming laptop that will last for a longer time and keep cool temperatures for your laptop. You can consider the pros and cons of this laptop before you decide to buy one of these gaming laptops, Dell G3 3779.

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