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How to Reset Laptop to Factory settings on Windows 8 or Windows 10

Are you looking for fresh installation for your laptop? Well, factory setting is needed especially when you want to refresh your laptop installation or if you find difficulties when repairing your own laptop. How to reset laptop to factory setting is should be known by those who want to restore their laptop in their own. Moreover, you can also clean all unused installed programs and keep those which are important. In addition, there are several ways to restore or reset your laptop into factory setting as well.

reset laptop to factory setting

When it comes to factory setting, you may expect that your laptop will function like new as long as nothing damage in the hardware. You will not have any access to old programs and files. Whilst, for all purposes and intents, the memory will be deleted, and the old information might be still be able to be accessed. Restoring your laptop into factory setting will make your laptop as it was when you bought it. You are going to have run setup, reconnect to some wireless networks as well as installing all programs which were previously on your laptop. For your information, a hard factory reset can actually restore the connection between the BIOS and the hardware and fix some laptop issues. We have gathered some tips to restore your laptop into factory setting. Take a look!

Steps to Reset Laptop to Factory Setting

If you want to reset your Windows 10 laptop to factory setting, first of all, click the “Start’ menu and then type ‘reset”. Go for “Reset this PC” afterward. It will guide you to Reset window where you will have some choices. If you meet issues you did not have on earlier version of Windows, you can actually go back to your old Operating System.  Consider reading the full guide of Expert Reviews along with the explanation. In case you want to stay on Windows 10 program, then you should click on “Get Started” under the “Reset this PC” button.

You are going to see a dialog which gives you 3 options. “Keep my Files” option will uninstall all programs on your laptop but will not touch other files like settings and documents. It will only uninstall programs you have downloaded from discs and internet. This is such a practical way to refresh your OC if it is not running well. “Remove Everything” option will remove all files on your laptop. It’s such the best way to freshen-up your laptop without getting back to the old OS. It will keep the programs which came with your laptop installed, hence you will not get a fully clean slate. “Restore factory settings” option means that you will lose all programs on your laptop including settings and files. However, the programs which came with your laptop will still remain.

Resetting laptop to the Factory Setting by using a system image

If you don’t lie resetting your Windows, it is recommended to create a backup of your system if it develops fault in the future. It will take a copy of your files, applications and settings at specific point. It’s such a practical way to get back to that point as well. click on “Start” menu and then type “backup”. After that, click on the “File History” and wait for fully load. Once it has fully loaded, click on “system image backup” and then click “Create a system image” button on the left. Choose a drive and then click ‘Next” and start your backup.

This how to reset laptop to factory setting is the easiest yet safest way to save important programs and files on your laptop.

How to Reset Acer Laptop and Back to The Factory Settings

Most people do not know how to reset Acer laptop whenever their laptop is unable to power on. You probably try to reset your Acer laptop to the factory setting. Each laptop may have different features, especially Acer. Many people try to reset their Acer laptop without using recovery disk. Sometimes, they even use combination of keys and ALT. These two ways are rarely worked and you may also lose your data. There are several ways that you can perform to reset your Acer computer, especially if you have power problem or you want to reset you laptop back to its factory setting. These two reset can actually help you to repair your laptop. Therefore, pay attention carefully to each Acer Laptop reset.

reset acer laptop

Step by Step to Reset Acer Laptop due to Power Issue

If your Acer laptop is unable to turn on, there are eight simple steps that you can do to reset your laptop.

The first thing you need to do is to unplug the AC adapter from your laptop. Then you can turn your laptop and take away the battery. Pay attention, Acer laptop has two tabs that are keeping the battery in place. The first tab is the lock tab; meanwhile, the second tab is the release tab.

After you perform the first few steps above, you may start to open your laptop and hold the power button for about 30-58 seconds. You can release the power button and put the battery back. Do not forget to check the lock tab. Plug in the AC adapter and turn on your laptop. You can perform these stapes whenever you have power issue. However, you might want to visit Acer repair facility if you cannot solve the problem.

Step by Step to reset my Acer Laptop to its Factory Setting

Acer laptop has its own specific feature. The feature is known to be the hidden partition where it saves all the software and back up data. Due to its specification, this type of Acer has its own way to reset its program to the factory setting. There are around three steps that you can do to reset Acer to its factory setting.

First, you must click start and go to all programs. There you can find Acer empowering technology, find Acer eRecovery management and click it. This program may erase all of your data, so it is better for you to back up all important data that you have kept. The second step, you must click the restore button and then select restore system to factory default. Your laptop will immediately in the recovery utility stage. For the last step you can simply click yes.

Generally, there are two different ways to reset your computer. One is when you have the power problem; meanwhile, the other one is to reset your laptop to its factory setting. Hopefully, this basic information of how to reset an Acer laptop will be helpful for those who own Acer laptop, good luck.