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How to Fix Laptop Keyboard not Working Easy and Simply

One of the most annoying problems from having electronic device like laptop is when the laptop keyboard not working properly. Have you ever experience this before? Imagine that you are working an important project and suddenly your laptop does not give any response. You must be confused right? Any laptop brand can have this problem, for examples, HP, Acer, Samsung, Asus, TOSHIBA, Sony, Lenovo, Dell, and many more.

There are many issues related to this problem. A keyboard cannot be easily opened or repaired; most people give up whenever they encounter such problem. They often decide it to visit the service facility that is provided by the company. Before you repair your laptop keyboard, there are several things you need to check. By doing so, you can avoid any mistake in performing the reparation.

laptop keyboard not working

Three Important Parts that you must check if Your Laptop Keyboard not Working

There are four things that you need to check before you perform reparation. First, you need to check the cleanliness. You can turn and hold your laptop, and then shake it. To check, whether or not you have crumbs stuck in your laptop keyboard. Another way to clean your keyboard is by using cotton. You must clean it from dust or any left over. This may appear to be a simple matter; however, if you ignore it, your laptop will not last long. Second, check the connection. A bad connection will affect the performance of your laptop keyboard. Third, check the driver, usually people ignore to press the shut down command, and turn the laptop by pressing the power button. The infectivity of your key board can also be caused by this habit.

Three Steps to get your Keyboard back

You can perform these three steps to fix your laptop keyboard. These three steps can be done less than 10 minutes. The first step is to restart your laptop. Actually, this step can fix any problem that occurs in your laptop instantly. For that reason, try to restart your laptop and check the keyboard after you restart your laptop. The second step is restoring your laptop system. If your keyboard is not responding a system restore can be performed to solve keyboard problem. It is actually a perfect way, since this system has keyboard software. The third step is to check whether or not your drivers are up to date. If you have not upgraded your drivers, you can update it first before you finally reboot your laptop.

In many cases, good maintenance and service will help you to prevent any problem in your laptop. You must clean your laptop regularly, since it may also affect the performance of your laptop and its keyboard.  If for some reasons your laptop keyboard does not work even after you perform these steps, you better bring your laptop to the nearest service facility. Whenever your laptop keyboard not working properly you can try these steps, hopefully it will help.